Segment Brain Images using Built-in Models

This documentation describes the steps to segment brain images using the built-in models in the program. Follow the instructions below to segment your animal data.

Step 1: Specify Input

Select the NIFTI files (.nii, .nii.gz) of the animal data as the input for the program. Make sure the images are axial images of the brain, as shown in the example images below for rhesus and rodent brains.

Ensure that the orientation is correct, or the segmentation may fail.

Step 2: Configure Network

Choose a built-in model from the droplist or load a model file using the folder button. The built-in models are stored as .net.gz files in the network folder of the program.

Step 3: Evaluate


After configuring the network, specify the pre-processing and post-processing options:

Step 4: Output

Click on the disk button to save the output.

You may check out the results for each input data

If you experience errors or issues, please feel free to upload data using the private upload link on the website. We will modify the software to fix the problems.